Middle Achilles Tendinopathy

Middle achilles tendinopathy is a common condition that causes pain at the back of the foot. Repititive strain of Achilles tendon during activities like hopping, driving, jogging, climbing stairs, walking can aggravate the pain.

Symptoms include pain at the back of the foot above heel bone with mild swelling in the acute stage. Patient may complain of more pain and stiffness in the morning at wake up and while attempting to get up or walk after prolonged sitting. Patients may have extension of pain at the bottom and sides of the heel and foot.

Differential diagnosis include retrocalcaneal bursitis, sural nerve entrapment, insertional tendinitis and heel spur.

In Mobiphysio, we assess, do proper differential diagnosis to rule out the other conditions and then set the treatment plan.

Home remedies-


Apply hot pack

Apply cold pack if you observe swelling.

Avoid aggravating factors like jogging, climbing stairs, walking, hopping, etc,

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